Classes Offered

All classes culminate with a dance to be performed at the end of each semester
Dance classes in Stevens Point, WI


These classes focus on ballet, tap and/or jazz, and are offered to three, four, and five year olds. Students will learn how to take a dance class, take part in listening activities, and learn technical steps.


These classes focus on the essential technique of ballet dance. Students will learn how to align their bodies, take barre, and travel through the space.


These classes focus on pointe work. Students will learn strength, flexibility, technique and injury-prevention.


Students will learn classical, techno and street styles. In these classes there is a strong emphasis on strengh, flexibility, technical proficiency.


These classes focus on modern dance. Students will learn dance history, pilates, strength & flexibility, injury prevention, creative self-expression, choreography and technical proficiency.

Hip Hop

These classes focus on the popular trends of the hip hop culture. Students will explore current hip hop culture through dance, fun, and energy.


These classes focus on many different tap techniques. Students will learn classical tap, rhythmic tap, soft-shoe, time-steps, which bring rhythm to all ages and lots of fun.

Semester Schedule

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